We are going to install Windows 2012R2 Standard Edition in VirtualBox as part of creating a Oracle Windows Cluster.

We want to have 3 server: 1 Controller + 2 Database servers:

Server NamePublic IP:Private IP:

Here the steps to create WIN-RAC-CONTROL (the controller) on VirtualBox. They are exactly the same for all 3 servers and you only need to change hostnames and IP’s.

You can clone the first VM and recreate the other 2, but you might have problems down the line at Network level saying same MAC is in different servers, so I decided to create all 3 individually.

**Disclaimer: You will need licence and Windows activated, if not, you are running the risk of VM’s crashing every 5-10min.


1:- New:

2:- Memory Size (20G for this test)

3:- Disk Size (80G):

4:- Settings -> General:

5:- Settings -> Network:

6:- Once Installed, Install Guest Additions:

7:- Change Host Name: (Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Change Settings)

Restart VM after changing hostname

8:- Set PUBLIC IP ( Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Connections -> First Interface)

** On Default gateway and Preferred DNS, we will use PUBLIC IP of the CONTROLER server, (same in all 3 servers)

9:- Set PUBLIC IP ( Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Connections -> Second Interface)

10:- Turn OFF Firewall:

11:- Update host file with the following:

# Public   win-rac1.localdomain          			win-rac1   win-rac2.localdomain          			win-rac2   win-rac-control.localdomain   	    	win-rac-control   TESTLAB.localdomain   	    			TESTLAB  <<-- we will need it later   ACCESSPOINT                            <<---- We will need this later to create an ACTIVE/PASSICE
# Private   win-rac1-priv.localdomain     			win-rac1-priv   win-rac2-priv.localdomain     			win-rac2-priv   win-rac-control-priv.localdomain       win-rac-control-priv

12:- PING all hosts, public and private interfaces (once created):

13:- Install Failover Clustering (Server Manager -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features)

14:- ONLY on CONTROLLER Server: Install Active Directory (Server Manager -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features):

15:- Configure Active Directory:

	Deployment Configuration -> Add a new forest -> enter domain name -> Next
	Enter password for Directory Services Restore Mode(DSRM) in password field
	On DNS Options -> Next (ignroe warning)
	Additional  Options
	Paths -> Next
	Review Options -> Next
	Prerequisites Checks -> Install
	Once Install finishes, it will automatically reboot the server
	Log in to the server using domain admin credentials

16:- Create a Domain Account (Server Manager -> Tools -> AD Administrative Center)

17:- Add DCUSER to the “Domain Admins”:

18:- Connect other servers to domain TESTLAB (in case WIN-RAC1 and WIN-RAC2)

Sometimes you might get an error if you put just TESTLAB, try ith TESTLAB.localdomain

That’s it! Example of installing Windows 2012R2 and connect to a domain done!

Last modified: 11 December 2022



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