Oracle 19c: Step by Step Physical Standby CDB Database Setup

On this activity we are going to create a Physical Standby from a 19c in CDB configuration: These are the details for the primary DB: Our plan is to create a Standby DB with these details: STEPS: 1:- Prepare Primary database Enable force logging and archivelog mode: Create Standby Redo Log (SRL) files: **We are... » read more

DGMGRL: How to enable BROKER (19c)

On this practice, we are going to configure DATAGUARD BROKER in a new PRIMARY/STANDBY configuration and see what errors we get since this is a new setup. This is our current lab: 1:- Add the DG broker files to ASM on both primary and Standby: 2:- Start DG broker at DB level on both systems:... » read more

Oracle 19c: How Oracle Enable TDE on RAC DB

Setting up TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) in 19c is very easy and these are the steps needed. 1:- Create a backup of spfile/initfile (it is always a good practice to create a backup before any change on the DB): 2:- Create WALLET directory in both nodes: 3:- Update sqlnet.ora with wallet location (in all nodes):... » read more

Oracle GoldenGate 19c: How to configure EXTRACT / REPLICAT

In this activity we are going to assume we have GoldenGate software already installed, if not, you can follow these steps here: Oracle GoldenGate 19c: How to install We are are going to replicate schema HR from/to these server: SOURCE (PDB): TARGET (NON CDB): hostname: racnode1 hostname: standbyracnode IP: IP: RDBMS: 19c RDBMS:... » read more

Oracle GoldenGate 19c: How to install

This is going to be a guide for how to install GoldenGate on your source/target servers, just the installation of the software. For the configuration and setting up and running, please check this: Oracle GoldenGate 19c: How to configure Integrated EXTRACT/REPLICAT First of all make sure you have the GoldenGate version that matches your DB.... » read more