High Undo Tablespace Space Usage

We had this issue where undo space was not released even when having a low undo_retention (900). This was because TUNED_UNDORETENTION was very high: On this case, we followed “IF: Causes for High Undo Tablespace Space Usage (Doc ID 1951402.1)” and matched size with maxsize for the undo datafiles: After a few hours (changes are... » read more

Autoupgrade fails with: Execution of Oracle Base utility, /u01/app/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/bin/orabase, failed for entry upg1.

Yesterday I was upgrading a DB on our production environment and I was facing this error while running the deploy: We downloaded the latest autoupgrade version as recommended and used this simple config file: Prechecks/Analyse did not have any issues: Still, when we tried to run the deploy, we were getting this error: If we... » read more