dbaascli patch db prereq failing with: [FATAL] [DBAAS-31009]

Cloud tools are not known to provide huge amount of details when you have an error.In this case we were running patching prechecks which were failing with: Checking log, se can see error was given while trying to execute “select status from pdb_plug_in_violations where type = ‘ERROR’ and status = ‘PENDING’ order by name, time;”... » read more

How To Recover Tables to a Specified Point in Time

Starting from 12c, RMAN allows to perform a Table Point In Time Recovery (PITR).On earlier releases, this was only possible by manually creating a point in time clone of the database and extracting the data via datapump.With this “new” feature, life gets easier. SETUP:For this task we are assuming you have your DB/ARCHIVE log backups... » read more

How To fix: PDB in restricted

This is a weird case we had for a Customer where DB/PDB’s were running fine and after a restart, one of the PDB’s went to restricted YES.We don’t know why it went to restricted mode because there hasn’t been a patching activity for a while and DB had few restarts in the past with no... » read more