How to Install Windows 2012R2 Standard Edition in VirtualBox

We are going to install Windows 2012R2 Standard Edition in VirtualBox as part of creating a Oracle Windows Cluster. We want to have 3 server: 1 Controller + 2 Database servers: Server Name Public IP: Private IP: win-rac1 win-rac2 win-rac-control Here the steps to create WIN-RAC-CONTROL (the controller) on... » read more

How to Upgrade Oracle 12c to 19c on a Window Failover Cluster Manager environment

On this post we are going to upgrade Oracle 12c to 19c on an ACTIVE/PASSIVE setup on Windows Failover Cluster Manager: Server Name DBNAME 12c Oracle Home 19c Oracle Home win-rac1 DBPROD C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 C:\oracle\app\product\19c\dbhome_1 win-rac2 DBPROD C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 C:\oracle\app\product\19c\dbhome_1 This is the current patch level of both 12c and 19c homes (on both nodes!): Its worth... » read more

Windows: How to Install Oracle 19c Database Software

These are the steps to install Oracle 19c Software. We are going to create ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 STEPS: 1:- Download software from here 2:- Unzip downloaded file on path C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 3:- Execute setup.exe from C:\oracle\app\product\19c\dbhome_1 4:- Follow GUI: That’s it, Oracle 19c Software installed

How to create an Oracle ACTIVE/PASSIVE environment on Windows Failover Cluster Manager

We are going to create an environment to have an Oracle database in Failover Cluster Manager. To have this, we need 3 Windows Servers ( 1 Working as controller) Server Name Public IP: Private IP: ORACLE_HOME win-rac1 C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 win-rac2 C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 win-rac-control For how to install Windows VM’s here (in... » read more