How to create an Oracle WALLET for Applications to use

This is an easy one: I have been requested to show how Application could make use of Oracle Wallets instead of hard copying user password on the code, so here is it: 1:- Create a user on target DB: 2:- Create WALLET on App server, this case we will use directory /u01/admin/orcl/wallet: 3:- Update tnsnames.ora... » read more

Windows: How to Install Oracle 19c Database Software

These are the steps to install Oracle 19c Software. We are going to create ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 STEPS: 1:- Download software from here 2:- Unzip downloaded file on path C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 3:- Execute setup.exe from C:\oracle\app\product\19c\dbhome_1 4:- Follow GUI: That’s it, Oracle 19c Software installed

How to create an Oracle ACTIVE/PASSIVE environment on Windows Failover Cluster Manager

We are going to create an environment to have an Oracle database in Failover Cluster Manager. To have this, we need 3 Windows Servers ( 1 Working as controller) Server Name Public IP: Private IP: ORACLE_HOME win-rac1 C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 win-rac2 C:\oracle\app\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 win-rac-control For how to install Windows VM’s here (in... » read more

How to AUTOUPGRADE from to 19c

This post will go though the all the steps needed to upgrade a database to a 19c using AUTOUPGRADE. Source DB: 1:- Create 19c directory and copy software: 2:- Create response file for a silent 19c Instalation: 3:- Execute 19c pre-requisites: 4:- Install 19c software in silent mode: 5:- Execute (as root): 6:-... » read more

Trace File 10053 to understand the Optimizer (CBO)

The reason to trace the CBO is to understand why the Optimizer made some decisions. In this example we are going to see why same query sometimes uses an index and others it doesn’t, same example was explained HERE It is always useful to have a “GOOD” and “BAD” execution, this way it is easier... » read more