Windows: How to Install Oracle 19c Database Software

These are the steps to install Oracle 19c Software. We are going to create ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 STEPS: 1:- Download software from here 2:- Unzip downloaded file on path C:\app\ORACLE\product\19c\dbhome_1 3:- Execute setup.exe from C:\oracle\app\product\19c\dbhome_1 4:- Follow GUI: That’s it, Oracle 19c Software installed Remote host reachability check failed

I had this issue while installing grid in my lab.Checked everything: ping to both nodes, ssh to both nodes both ways… all ok, but still not able to run Well… what was the problem? “racnode1 racnode2” vs “racnode1 racnode2” ( the “)And now it runs ok: