How to AUTOUPGRADE from to 19c

This post will go though the all the steps needed to upgrade a database to a 19c using AUTOUPGRADE. Source DB: 1:- Create 19c directory and copy software: 2:- Create response file for a silent 19c Instalation: 3:- Execute 19c pre-requisites: 4:- Install 19c software in silent mode: 5:- Execute (as root): 6:-... » read more

Oracle 12c: How to apply Oct 21 PSU –

This activity is part of a GI upgrade from to 19c, in which we need to apply latest PSU first, so here are the steps: 1:- Patches available here: 2:- (as ROOT) Update OPACH version to latest available. ( 3:- (as ROOT) Run prepatch script. (RDBMS instances should be stopped first) 4:- GI patching:... » read more

dbaascli patch db prereq failing with: [FATAL] [DBAAS-31009]

Cloud tools are not known to provide huge amount of details when you have an error.In this case we were running patching prechecks which were failing with: Checking log, se can see error was given while trying to execute “select status from pdb_plug_in_violations where type = ‘ERROR’ and status = ‘PENDING’ order by name, time;”... » read more