Autoupgrade fails with: Execution of Oracle Base utility, /u01/app/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/bin/orabase, failed for entry upg1.

Yesterday I was upgrading a DB on our production environment and I was facing this error while running the deploy: We downloaded the latest autoupgrade version as recommended and used this simple config file: Prechecks/Analyse did not have any issues: Still, when we tried to run the deploy, we were getting this error: If we... » read more

How to AUTOUPGRADE from to 19c

This post will go though the all the steps needed to upgrade a database to a 19c using AUTOUPGRADE. Source DB: 1:- Create 19c directory and copy software: 2:- Create response file for a silent 19c Instalation: 3:- Execute 19c pre-requisites: 4:- Install 19c software in silent mode: 5:- Execute (as root): 6:-... » read more

How to Upgrade Oracle Grid from 12c to 19c

This post will go though the steps needed to upgrade an Oracle Grid High Availability Services (HAS) from version 12c ( to 19c (19.13.0) on a Linux environment. 1:- As per document Doc ID 2539751.1, Patch 28553832 is a prerequisite for both GI and DB Upgrade. Here the steps to apply Oct 2021 PSU which... » read more